Zoë Schuttler is a fab fashion and textile artist based out of Massachusetts, currently residing with her three pugs and tons of fuzzy fabrics. She graduated with a BFA in fashion/textile design in Spring of 2019 at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine after debuting her collection Psychedelic Puppet Party, which featured six fantastic puppet-inspired garments. She works with colorful, outrageous colors and textures in order to engage her audience in a sense of play through fashion. With a long-standing love for puppetry and curiosity for how things work, Schuttler applies both to her garments, combining armatures from puppetry with psychedelic fashion design. She has studied Jim Henson’s Muppets for inspiration and humor while forming each garment in her groovy unique vision. 

       Schuttler has won several awards for her work at the Maine College of Art, including the 2018 Merit Exhibition, in which she was awarded 4th Place for her far-out fashion installation.